Judicial Complaint Process

In our Canadian legal system, judges and judicial officers are held accountable in two ways: for their decisions, by the process of an appeal to a higher court; and for their conduct, through a complaints process. There are no other mechanisms of review available.

Appellate Review

In appealing a decision of a judge or judicial officer of the court, you are asking the appeal court to review the decision of the trial judge to ensure that the law was applied correctly. To learn more about the appeal process in Manitoba you can go to the Rules of the Court of Appeal and also to Frequently Asked Questions on this site. For more general information about the Court of Appeal, click here.

Judicial Complaints Processes

There are two judicial complaint processes for Judges in Manitoba.

The Provincial Court Judges are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council of Manitoba under The Provincial Court Act. If you have a concern about the conduct of a Provincial Court Judge and wish to make a complaint click here for more information.

The Court of King's Bench and Court of Appeal Judges are appointed by the Governor General in Council of Canada under the federal Judges Act.The Canadian Judicial Council deals with complaints about federally appointed judges. If you have a concern about the conduct of a Judge of the Manitoba Court of King's Bench or the Manitoba Court of Appeal and wish to make a complaint, please click on this link to the Canadian Judicial Council for more information.

You may have a concern with the conduct of a Master of the Court of King's Bench, who is a judicial officer. There is a complaint process established under The Court of King's Bench Act respecting Masters of the court. If you wish to make a complaint about the conduct of a Master, click here for more information.

Information on this page last updated on May 24, 2023