New Provincial Court Notice - Electronic Signatures on Informations

Posté la 26 avril, 2021

New Provincial Court Notice has been issued re: Electronic Signatures on Informations.  find it here...

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New Provincial Court Notice issued

Posté la 07 avril, 2021

New Provincial Court Notice Issued re: Mandatory Case Management for Sexual Offences.  read it here...

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Patrick Sullivan appointed as judge

Posté la

Patrick Sullivan has been appointed to Provincial Court Judge to sit in Brandon.See government of Manitoba press release here...

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new Notice - Circuit Sittings - Killarney

Posté la 28 janvier, 2021

The Provincial Court has issued a new Notice re: Circuit Sittings - Killarneyread it here...

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Demande d'accès au CCAIN

Posté la 07 janvier, 2021

Counsel may now request access to CCAIN by completed the required form and submitting it for review.find the form here...

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