Recent Judgments


The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.  They are links to PDF files.  Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE:  This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

   Case Name       Citation number     Release Date  
Royal Bank of Canada v. Borne et al.; and Jameson, Gilroy & B. & L. Livestock Ltd. v. 
Borne et al. 
2023 MBKB 90May 26, 2023
R. v. Gromnisky2023 MBKB 88May 24, 2023
R. v. Moreau2023 MBKB 85May 19, 2023
Fontaine et al. v. The Government of Manitoba et al. 2023 MBKB 84May 18, 2023
R. v. Carrasco et al. 2023 MBKB 83May 18, 2023
R. v. Maytwayashing2023 MBKB 80May 16, 2023
R. v. Daher and Brightnose-Baker2023 MBKB 91May 15, 2023
7602678 Manitoba Ltd. v. 6399500 Manitoba Ltd. et al. 2023 MBKB 79May 12, 2023
R. v. Obeing2023 MBKB 78May 12, 2023
Capitol Steel Corporation  v. R. Litz & Sons Company Limited et al. 2023 MBKB 76May 9, 2023
Dentalcorp Health Services Ltd. et al. v. Dr. Kenneth Hamin Dental Corporation et al.2023 MBKB 75May 5, 2023
R. v. Kelly2023 MBKB 68April 17, 2023
R. v. Last2023 MBKB 65April 6, 2023
5379904 Manitoba Ltd. v. Hallick et al.2023 MBKB 63March 29, 2023
R. v. Duck2023 MBKB 62March 28, 2023
Carlson Estate v. Berry; Berry v. Carlson Estate2023 MBKB 58March 24, 2023
Drain v. Ziesmann2023 MBKB 59March 23, 2023
McDonald Estate v. McDonald2023 MBKB 55March 20, 2023
Thorpe Construction Ltd. v. Razar Contracting Services Ltd. and
Evoqua Water Technologies Canada Ltd.
2023 MBKB 53March 17, 2023
Thermo Applicators Inc. v. Razar Contracting Services Ltd. et al.2023 MBKB 52March 17, 2023
Barrett et al. v. MacKay et al. 2023 MBKB 51March 16, 2023
R. v. Obeing2023 MBKB 48March 14, 2023
Dean v. Betker2023 MBKB 44March 9, 2023
Riel v. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority2023 MBKB 46March 8, 2023
Jordan et al. v. Bains et al.2023 MBKB 43March 2, 2023
Sison v. Moffatt2023 MBKB 42March 2, 2023
Deen v. Sinclair et al.2023 MBKB 41March 2, 2023
Gamble and Wojtowicz v. Karpluk2023 MBKB 39March 1, 2023
R. v. Flett2023 MBKB 38March 1, 2023
R. v. Sinkovits, Narvey, O'Hanley and Hall
2023 MBKB 40February 27, 2023
Prairie Risk Management Inc. v. Marsh Canada Ltd. et al.2023 MBKB 29February 17, 2023
McDonald Estate v. McDonald2023 MBKB 31February 16, 2023
Demchuk v. Quon2023 MBKB 24February 2, 2023
MPIC v. Rayland et al.2023 MBKB 23February 2, 2023
Arthur et al. v. The City of Winnipeg et al.2023 MBKB 21February 1, 2023

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