Recent Judgments

The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.  They are links to PDF files.  Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE:  This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

   Case Name       Citation number     Release Date  
R. v. Peters2023 MBKB 13January 25, 2023
Spencer v. Sutton-Harrison2023 MBKB 16January 20, 2023
R. v. Dumont-Fontaine2023 MBKB 2January 19, 2023
R. v. Daher and Brightnose Baker2023 MBKB 10January 18, 2023
Bruce Estate v. Hyde2023 MBKB 8January 17, 2023
R. v. Mousseau2023 MBKB 7January 17, 2023
R v. Singh Deol2023 MBKB 6January 13, 2023
                  R v. Singh Deol  (voir dire)2022 MBQB 24February 10, 2022
Koeneman v. Horne et al. 2022 MBKB 243December 20, 2022
Currie v. Currie2022 MBKB 241December 16, 2022
R. v. Vanjaarsveld2022 MBKB 234December 15, 2022
Christie Building Holding Company, Limited v. Shelter Canadian Properties Limited2022 MBKB 239December 13, 2022
R. v. McKenzie2022 MBKB 238December 9, 2022
Lofchick v. Belkin et al.; Lofchick v. Belkin et al.; Lofchick v. Belkin et al.2022 MBKB 235December 7, 2022
R. v. Sandhu2022 MBKB 224December 7, 2022
Ostrowski v. Weinstein et al.
2022 MBKB 227November 30, 2022
Campbell et al. v. Brar et al.2022 MBKB 225November 30, 2022
Hutlet v. Attorney General of Canada et al.2022 MBKB 223November 25, 2022
Annable (CBC) v. City of Winnipeg2022 MBKB 222November 23, 2022
Valley Technologies Ltd. v. Mattes et al.2022 MBKB 220November 23, 2022
Sterling Parkway Residences Inc. v. Gypsum Drywall Interiors Ltd.2022 MBKB 218November 18, 2022
Peters v. Watral et al.; Watral v. Peters et al.; and Peters v. Peters-Watral2022 MBKB 217November 18, 2022
Klepatz v. Manitoba (Minister of Sustainable Development)2022 MBKB 212November 17, 2022
Bankruptcy of Dwight Logeot2022 MBKB 214November 16, 2022
Sherbeth et al. v. Sherbeth et al.2022 MBKB 213November 14, 2022
R. v. Edwards2022 MBKB 215November 8, 2022
Skwark v. Vallittu2022 MBKB 211November 8, 2022
dB Noise Reduction Inc. v. Letkemann et al.2022 MBKB 208November 7, 2022
R. v. Fox2022 MBKB 207November 1, 2022
StorageVault Canada Inc. v. Keystone Western Inc. 2022 MBKB 206October 28, 2022
Perdue v. MacDonald2022 MBKB 204October 27, 2022
Colavito v. Manitoba (Workers Compensation Board)2022 MBKB 203October 27, 2022
Canadian Federation of Students et al. v. The University of Manitoba Students' Union2022 MBKB 197October 24, 2022
Sarte Heating v. Mendoza2022 MBKB 196October 21, 2022
Estate of Walter Konyk2022 MBKB 192October 14, 2022
Tuxedo Yards Development Corp. et al. v. Canadian National Railway Company2022 MBKB 193October 14, 2022
R. v. Gamblin2022 MBKB 187October 5, 2022
The WSD v. City of Winnipeg et al.2022 MBKB 184October 3, 2022
R. v. Devos2022 MBKB 185September 29, 2022
R. v. Crate2022 MBKB 182September 23, 2022
Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corp. v. Rural Municipality of Springfield and Berger Peat Moss Ltd. 2022 MBKB 180September 14, 2022
Pokornik v. SkipTheDishes Restaurant Services Inc.2022 MBKB 178September 12, 2022
R. v. Saunders2022 MBKB 177September 9, 2022
Pride Real Estate Inc. et al. v. 5610550 Manitoba Ltd. et al. 2022 MBQB 51August 31, 2022
Capitol Steel Corporation v. White Owl Properties Limited2022 MBQB 170August 19, 2022
Viceversa Developments Inc. v. The City of Winnipeg2022 MBQB 169August 18, 2022
DHRW Electrical Projects GP v. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 2085 et al.2022 MBQB 168August 18, 2022
R. v. Scott and Jack2022 MBQB 164August 16, 2022
R. v. Onakpoya2022 MBQB 158August 3, 2022

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