Recent Judgments

The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.  They are links to PDF files.  Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE:  This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

Case NameCitation numberRelease Date
R. v. Fedoruk2024 MBKB 31February 22, 2024
De Ruyck v. Manitoba (Workers Compensation Board) et al.2024 MBKB 35February 16, 2024
Contera Construction Inc. v. Radka Inc. et al2024 MBKB 34February 15, 2024
The Rural Municipality of Thompson et al. v. Cox2024 MBKB 30February 9, 2024
R. v. Marcano2024 MBKB 26February 7, 2024
Pathak v. Sinha2024 MBKB 28February 6, 2024
ABCO Holdings Ltd. et al. v. Munz et al.2024 MBKB 23January 30, 2024
R. v. Keeper2024 MBKB 19January 29, 2024
R. v. Singh2024 MBKB 9January 29, 2024
Vale v. Schwartz et al.2024 MBKB 18January 26, 2024
Rosser Holstein Ltd. v. Faresin Industries Spa et al.2024 MBKB 16January 25, 2024
R. v. Peters2024 MBKB 10January 25, 2024
R. v. Skibicki2024 MBKB 11January 24, 2024
Bankruptcy of Dwight Charles Logeot2024 MBKB 6January 24, 2024
Estate of Tina Werner2024 MBKB 14January 23, 2024
Kozar v. The Canadian National Railway Company2024 MBKB 12January 23, 2024
Koziey v. Koziey2024 MBKB 5January 11, 2024
Osborne Towers Ltd. et al. v. Aviva Insurance Company of Canada et al.2024 MBKB 4January 10, 2024
Stewart v. Manitoba Chiropractors Association2024 MBKB 3January 9, 2024
Hahlweg et al. v. Women's Health Clinic Inc.2024 MBKB 2January 8, 2024
Hahlweg et al. v. Women's Health Clinic Inc.2024 MBKB 1January 8, 2024
Weremy v. The Government of Manitoba2023 MBKB 187December 22, 2023
R. v. Whiteway2023 MBKB 186December 21, 2023
R. v. Gamblin2023 MBKB 184December 20, 2023
Boucher et al. v. The Government of Manitoba et al.2023 MBKB 182December 12, 2023
Garcia v. 9323244 Canada Ltd. et al.2023 MBKB 181December 8, 2023
Wagner v. The Young Men's & Young Women's Christian Association of Winnipeg Inc. et al.2023 MBKB 179December 8, 2023
Lintick v. The City of Winnipeg2023 MBKB 178December 7, 2023
R. v. Negash2023 MBKB 177December 6, 2023
Culligan v. Norman et al.2023 MBKB 176December 6, 2023
Manitoba Metis Federation et al. v. Metis Nation British Columbia et al.2023 MBKB 174December 5, 2023
R. v. Tran et al. 2023 MBKB 165November 9, 2023
M.B.T. Holdings Ltd. et al. v. Stoneridge Construction Ltd.2023 MBKB 160November 6, 2023
R. v. Thomas2023 MBKB 162November 3, 2023
7602678 Manitoba Ltd. v. 6399500 Manitoba Ltd. and Landmhel Real Estate Services Inc.2023 MBKB 161November 1, 2023
R. v. Cabal2023 MBKB 159October 31, 2023
R v. Ali2023 MBKB 156October 30, 2023
Zarichanski v. The Attorney General of Canada2023 MBKB 158October 27, 2023
The City of Winnipeg v. Earl's Holdings (Main Street) Ltd. et al. 2023 MBKB 157October 27, 2023
Terracon Development Ltd. v. The City of Winnipeg2023 MBKB 155October 20, 2023
R. v. Thomas2023 MBKB 154October 17, 2023
R. v. Yanke2023 MBKB 147October 16, 2023
Lavoie v. The Government of Manitoba2023 MBKB 146October 13, 2023
R. v. Kyriakakos2023 MBKB 150October 11, 2023
Peguis First Nation v. The Government of Manitoba2023 MBKB 151October 11, 2023
R. v. Bohemier et al. 2023 MBKB 149October 10, 2023
Buffalo Point First Nation et al. v. Cottage Owners Association2023 MBKB 141October 5, 2023

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