Recent Judgments

The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.  They are links to PDF files.  Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE:  This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

   Case Name       Citation number     Release Date  
R. v. Ajak2017 MBQB 202December 6, 2017
R. v. Mazza2017 MBQB 203November 29, 2017
Brooks Equipment Limited et al. v. La Salle Credit Union Ltd. et al.2017 MBQB 205November 23, 2017
R. v. Bourget2017 MBQB 201November 22, 2017
R. v. Green2017 MBQB 181November 21, 2017
R. v. Gebru2017 MBQB 182November 20, 2017
Ironstand v. The City of Winnipeg et al.2017 MBQB 192November 6, 2017
South Eye Centre Incorporated v. Shelton et al.2017 MBQB 185October 31, 2017
4282800 v. Winnipeg2017 MBQB 187October 27, 2017
Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation v. Kachurowski2017 MBQB 186October 26, 2017
Re Estate of Rose May Hazlitt; Hazlitt et al. v. Hazlitt et al.2017 MBQB 184October 25, 2017
Dragonfly Games Division Inc. et al. v. Biomedical Commercialization Canada Inc. et al.2017 MBQB 183October 25, 2017
R. v. Castelein and Berthelette2017 MBQB 173October 23, 2017
R. v. Moustafa2017 MBQB 170October 20, 2017
R. v. Grant2017 MBQB 176October 18, 2017
R. v. Mebrahtu2017 MBQB 169October 18, 2017
R. v. Devloo and Ong2017 MBQB 180October 17, 2017
Glenwood Label & Box Mfg. Ltd. v. Brunswick Label Systems Inc. et al.2017 MBQB 177October 13, 2017
R. v. Ndlovu2017 MBQB 157October 10, 2017
R. v. Banayos (O.)2017 MBQB 175October 6, 2017
R. v. Banayos (C.)2017 MBQB 174October 6, 2017
R. v. Lazaruk2017 MBQB 167October 2, 2017
R. v. Stone-Lacroix2017 MBQB 168September 29, 2017
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company v. Bendera et al. (corrected)2017 MBQB 162September 27, 2017
R. v. Wasserman2017 MBQB 166September 26, 2017
R. v. Chorley2017 MBQB 164September 25, 2017
Romana v. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation et al.2017 MBQB 163September 25, 2017
Tri-Sab Systems Ltd. v. Wes-Con Systems Ltd. et al.2017 MBQB 160September 22, 2017
R. v. Cleroux2017 MBQB 156September 14, 2017
Embil v. S. Maric Construction Ltd. et al.2017 MBQB 155August 30, 2017
R. v. Romanishen2017 MBQB 85August 23, 2017
DTZ Winnipeg Ltd. v. Brandt Properties Ltd.2017 MBQB 153August 21, 2017
Wilder v. Alder2017 MBQB 152August 21, 2017
R. v. Okemow2017 MBQB 150August 21, 2017
R. v. Okemow and Coutu2015 MBQB 157October 2, 2015
R. v. Okemow2015 MBQB 140August 19, 2015
Salisbury House of Canada Ltd. et al. v. Manitoba (Deputy Minister of Finance)2017 MBQB 151August 18, 2017
R. v. Stuart2017 MBQB 149August 16, 2017
Larry Penner Enterprises Inc. v. The Deputy Minister of Finance (Manitoba)2017 MBQB 148August 15, 2017
Cerasani v. 3148581 Manitoba Ltd. et al.2017 MBQB 147August 10, 2017
Broadband Communications North Inc. v. I-Netlink Incorporated2017 MBQB 146August 3, 2017

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