Recent Judgments

The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.  They are links to PDF files.  Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE:  This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

   Case Name       Citation number     Release Date  
R. v. Froese2020 MBQB 11January 20, 2020
Ahrens-Townsend v. Kane Biotech Inc.2020 MBQB 8January 17, 2020
Pineau et a. v. Capitano et al.2020 MBQB 5January 17, 2020
5976511 Manitoba Ltd. et al. v. Taylor McCaffrey LLP et al.2020 MBQB 7January 16, 2020
Her Majesty the Queen v. Intact Insurance Company2019 MBQB 190December 20, 2019
Oak Lake Four Seasons Island Resort Ltd. v. The Rural Municipality of Sifton and The Government of Manitoba2019 MBQB 188December 19, 2019
Marnoch v. Krosta Estate2019 MBQB 185December 19, 2019
R. v. Marjanovic2019 MBQB 183December 18, 2019
Baier v. Tung2019 MBQB 184December 16, 2019
Vogel v. Red River College2019 MBQB 182December 12, 2019
St. Boniface Warehousing Ltd. v. BBD Holdings Ltd. 2019 MBQB 181December 9, 2019
Waterside Development Corp. v. T.E. Holdings Ltd. et al.2019 MBQB 180December 6, 2019
R. v. Le2019 MBQB 175December 5, 2019
R. v. Renz2019 MBQB 172December 5, 2019
Corbett v. Corbett2019 MBQB 176November 26, 2019
Ernst & Young Inc. v. Shilo Farms Ltd.2019 MBQB 173November 26, 2019
R. v. Balfour and Young2019 MBQB 167November 14, 2019
R. v. Green2019 MBQB 166November 8, 2019
Hofer et al. v. Hofer et al. (corrected)2019 MBQB 162November 4, 2019
Paramount Mechanical Service Ltd. v. Kabob Palace Inc. et al.2019 MBQB 163October 31, 2019
Dennis v. The Attorney General of Canada et al.2019 MBQB 153October 30, 2019
Sharma v. Sandhu2019 MBQB 160October 25, 2019
Troller v. Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation2019 MBQB 157October 22, 2019
Capra et al. v. Nebozenko et al.2019 MBQB 152October 22, 2019
Bushie v. Attorney General of Canada et al.2019 MBQB 155October 16, 2019
Taran v. Ellison Estate2019 MBQB 154October 16, 2019
R. v. Ismail et al.2019 MBQB 150October 16, 2019
Sych Drywall Enterprises Ltd. v. Sussex Realty Ltd.2019 MBQB 151October 11, 2019
R. v. Delorme2019 MBQB 147October 11, 2019
R. v. Rivard2019 MBQB 149October 9, 2019
Sher-Bett Construction (Manitoba) Inc. v. The Co-operators General Insurance Company2019 MBQB 148October 9, 2019
Carlson v. Dunn et al.2019 MBQB 144October 7, 2019
Garwood Estate v. Watson2019 MBQB 141October 1, 2019

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