Recent Judgments

The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.  They are links to PDF files.  Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE:  This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

   Case Name       Citation number     Release Date  
Jhanji v. The Law Society of Manitoba2019 MBQB 90June 20, 2019
The Canada Trust Company v. Umanoff et al.; Re Estate of John Alan Kell2019 MBQB 88June 14, 2019
The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba v. Jorgenson2019 MBQB 87June 13, 2019
BDO Canada Limited v. Elias2019 MBQB 86May 29, 2019
O.C.B. et al. v. The City of Winnipeg2019 MBQB 84May 27, 2019
Berscheid v. Government of Manitoba2019 MBQB 79May 21, 2019
Hassan v. Weiss et al.2019 MBQB 70May 21, 2019
R. v. Harper2019 MBQB 82May 16, 2019
R. v. 3059421 Manitoba Ltd.2019 MBQB 78May 16, 2019
Pathak v. Shapira2019 MBQB 73May 14, 2019
Paganelli-Glaud v. Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation2019 MBQB 74May 13, 2019
Loeppky et al. v. Taylor McCaffrey LLP et al.2019 MBQB 59April 29, 2019
The Law Society of Manitoba v. Kalo2019 MBQB 60April 24, 2019
R. v. Keesick2019 MBQB 49April 17, 2019
Fehr et al. v. Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation et al.2019 MBQB 64April 16, 2019
Bar Over H Ranch Ltd. v. The Rural Municipality of Grey2019 MBQB 56April 12, 2019
R. v. Ellis2019 MBQB 45April 10, 2019
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority v. Winnipeg Association of Public Service Officers2019 MBQB 54April 3, 2019
Guilbert v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company2019 MBQB 48March 21, 2019
R. v. Telfer and Crossman2019 MBQB 47March 19, 2019
The North West Company LP v. Nuttall et al.2019 MBQB 43March 13, 2019
Fougere v. Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet et al.2019 MBQB 33February 27, 2019
University of Manitoba Faculty Association v. The University of Manitoba2019 MBQB 35February 26, 2019
Albo v. The Winnipeg Free Press et al.2019 MBQB 34February 22, 2019
Mireault et al. v. Podolsky et al.2019 MBQB 32February 21, 2019
R. v. Tuazon and Sion2019 MBQB 30February 19, 2019
R. v. Brown2019 MBQB 28February 15, 2019
R. v. Kelly-White2019 MBQB 22February 4, 2019
Storm et al. v. 4724438 Manitoba Ltd. et al.2019 MBQB 20January 29, 2019
Cheung v. Nyirabu2019 MBQB 14January 25, 2019
R. v. Telfer & Crossman2019 MBQB 12January 23, 2019
R. v. Luu2019 MBQB 11January 18, 2019
Gobeil et al. v. The City of Winnipeg2019 MBQB 7January 11, 2019
Caughlin v. Canadian Payroll Systems Inc.2019 MBQB 6January 11, 2019
City of Portage la Prairie et al. v. Tower Engineering Group Limited Partnership et al. (corrected judgment)2019 MBQB 4January 10, 2019
The River East Transcona Teachers' Association v. The River East Transcona School Division2019 MBQB 3January 9, 2019
R. v. Chytry2019 MBQB 2January 9, 2019

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