Recent Judgments

The decisions listed below can be viewed by clicking on the citation.  They are links to PDF files.  Previous Court of Queen's Bench decisions may be accessed free of charge at www.canlii.org

NOTE:  This unofficial electronic version of the judgment is subject to editorial revision before its publication in official reports.

   Case Name       Citation number     Release Date  
Shen v. Winnipeg Condominium Corp. No. 162017 MBQB 119June 22, 2017
R. v. Emslie2017 MBQB 106June 7, 2017
R. v. Odine2017 MBQB 88June 7, 2017
R. v. Gebru2017 MBQB 79June 6, 2017
Klaprat v. Chezick (corrected judgment)2017 MBQB 105June 1, 2017
R. v. Atkinson et al.2017 MBQB 98May 30, 2017
Mucz et al. v. Popp et al.2017 MBQB 101May 29, 2017
R. v. Hidalgo2017 MBQB 100May 29, 2017
Franceschetti v. Seven Oaks General Hospital2017 MBQB 99May 29, 2017
R. v. Kehler2017 MBQB 96May 29, 2017
R. v. Atkinson2017 MBQB 80May 26, 2017
Vaillancourt v. Her Majesty et al.2017 MBQB 95May 24, 2017
Brauer v. Tartan Towing2017 MBQB 89May 12, 2017
R. v. Green2017 MBQB 87May 12, 2017
Pflug v. Winnipeg (City of)2017 MBQB 86May 10, 2017
Green v. Metz et al.2017 MBQB 84May 10, 2017
Green v. Bush et al.2017 MBQB 83May 10, 2017
R. v. Mikic2017 MBQB 81May 5, 2017
Thai et al. v. Ho et al.2017 MBQB 78April 28, 2017
Fat Cat Farms Ltd. et al. v. Wolfe et al.2017 MBQB 76April 28, 2017
R. v. Latrace2017 MBQB 75April 28, 2017
R. v. Recksiedler2017 MBQB 72April 21, 2017
CIBC Wood Gundy Inc. v. BDO Canada Ltd.2017 MBQB 71April 21, 2017
Brooks Equipment Limited et al. v. La Salle Credit Union Ltd. et al.2017 MBQB 73April 19, 2017
Hart v. Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited2017 MBQB 68April 19, 2017
Mirage Consulting Ltd. et al. v. Astra Credit Union Ltd.2017 MBQB 63April 19, 2017
R. v. Kionke2017 MBQB 60April 19, 2017
Ball v. Sizeland et al.2017 MBQB 66April 12, 2017
R. v. Granados2017 MBQB 69April 11, 2017
Green v. The University of Winnipeg2017 MBQB 67April 11, 2017
R. v. Mohamed2017 MBQB 64April 10, 2017
R. v. Mebrahtu2017 MBQB 59April 10, 2017
6901124 Manitoba Ltd. et al. v. Rural Municipality of Rosser et al.2017 MBQB 58April 5, 2017
United States v. Hidara2017 MBQB 46April 5, 2017
R. v. Hartnell2017 MBQB 50March 17, 2017
Schrof v. Schrof et al.2017 MBQB 51March 14, 2017
Pankratz Farms Ltd. v. Peak of the Market Sales Ltd.2017 MBQB 44March 14, 2017
Krawchuk v. Krawchuk2017 MBQB 47March 10, 2017
R. v. Shams et al.2017 MBQB 33March 9, 2017
R. v. Matheson2017 MBQB 23March 9, 2017
Brown et al. v. Lambrechts et al.2017 MBQB 45March 8, 2017
Lantin et al. v. Sokolies et al.2017 MBQB 40March 8, 2017
R. v. Grant (corrected judgment)2017 MBQB 39March 6, 2017
R. v. Martin (corrected judgment)2017 MBQB 34March 2, 2017

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