Thompson Domestic Violence Court

The Thompson Domestic Violence Court is a specialized court providing rehabilitative services to offenders who have been charged with events of domestic violence within the City of Thompson.  All offenders charged with domestic violence offences are summonsed to appear in the Thompson Domestic Violence Court, where they have the option to admit their responsibility and receive rehabilitative services before the charges are disposed of. Offenders must make this decision on their 1st appearance. Those who are not prepared to accept responsibility are remanded back to the ordinary courts for adjudication and if found guilty, sentencing. Those who wish to receive treatment, admit their responsibility and are then referred to rehabilitative service, currently provided by Men are Part of the Solution (MAPS) for male offenders and to Manitoba Métis Federation for female offenders. Upon successful completion of programming, the offender is referred back to the Thompson Domestic Violence Court for disposition of the charge.

The Thompson Domestic Violence Court is overseen by a Committee of dedicated volunteers and is the product of significant research and investigation by community stakeholders. It is one key part of the recommended approach to domestic violence for offenders, victims and their children, found in a report on the project dated December 21st, 2007.  

Thompson Domestic Violence Court 2018/2019 Report (pdf)


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