Small Claims

Certification (certified copy)$20.00
Counterclaim/Third Party Order/Notice of SatisfactionNo charge
Notice of Garnishment$50.00
Notice of Motion$100.00
Overage / ShortageVaries
PhotocopyingMinimum charge of $2.50
for first page $1.00
for each additional page $0.50
Rejection Fee (where a court document is not in proper form)$5.00
Requisition for Certificate$20.00
Requisition for Writ or Renewal of Writ$20.00
Research Fee$10.00
Small Claim (commencement)$5000 and under - $50.00
$5000.01 to $15,000 - $75.00
Suitors Deposit - Receipted MoniesVaries
Suitors Trust - 6 Years RemittanceVaries
Defence/Defence and Counterclaim                                       No charge
Information on this page last updated on August 26, 2021