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Fees for request of a photocopy of an Information, Disposition Sheet, Fine Order, Probation order, Recognizance, Conditional Sentence Order, Peace Bond or other public court document respecting a particular accused or offender are to be paid at time of request and are as follows:

  • Rush copy (one to three working days to process): $5.00 for first copy and $1.00 for each additional copy
  • Regular Copy (more than three working days to process): $1.00 per copy
  • Bail Reviews: all are processed on a rush basis at a cost of $1.00 per copy


  • In order for the court to process a request, it requires the following information: name of accused, accused date of birth, type of charge and either conviction date or next court date if the case is pending before the court.
  • All criminal charges disposed of more than three years ago are stored off-site at Government Records. These court records have to be specially ordered, and therefore take longer to process.
  • For persons who require certified copies of their criminal court record, all Provincial Court criminal charges which were disposed prior to January 1, 1984 have been destroyed. The court is unable to provide certified copies, however, a letter will be issued if a conviction can be confirmed.
Information on this page last updated on August 5, 2014